perfect day to be grateful

Nothing better than being in your zone, with a great view, and enjoying your time alone.

“Well done is better than well said.”

Welcome to my Sight Travel Blog! This blog will help you be more creative, appreciative, and productive. You will find this website by typing the url sighttravel.photo.blog

With Sight Travel we can interact with each other and get to know us better in a professional way. At the bottom of the page Sight Travel you will find my social media links; follow me and I will follow back! An important thing is that if you want to repost some of my pictures please do it with the hashtag #SightTravel.

In this blog you will see many photos. These photos are going to be different because each tells a different story and message. From the top to bottom of my blog you will find photos with messages on the side. Also, you will see quotes that will motivate you to be a better person everyday. 

There are going to be pictures of every kind. With this I mean that you will have a variety from fruits and veggies to water and nature, etc. There is nothing better than to sit back, relax, and have your favorite drink while you are taking a look at this fotography blog.
Enjoy Sight Travel as if it were your own blog. Appreciate every detail, picture, quote, and message. You will get inspired!

Take 10 minutes of your day and meditate in front of the ocean while sitting on the sand..

Stop for a second and enjoy the breeze of the ocean

Eat your fruits and veggies


One, two, three drops...

Drink water daily for a better health and lifestyle.


This picture to our left side is called Bokeh. As you can see, it has the front part of the picture on focus and the rest is a blur. This can maybe represent our lives right now because us teenagers see our future with a lot of blurry parts, but still we have some clearness while going through the process of growing up.

You should try a bottle of wine every night with your friends and your other half.


A good workout is great for the soul and body.


The eyes are the windows of our souls…

Bringing a little one to this world is a beautiful act and even more is mom and dad love each other.


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