The Web and I: My Perception and use of the Internet and the Web

The internet and the web are resources that we use every day. Every day we go on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media apps to connect with other people that we know or people that we want to get to know. The internet is mostly used for entertainment and to be aware of what is going on in the world we live in; in other words, to look for news. 

My perception on the internet and the web is interesting. This I say because back in the days the accessibility to new information was not found by going in to a mobile and looking for it. Going way back in time, people that wanted to get information of any kind had to reach out to resources that were complicated to get to; may I mention, a library. Of course, for them that process was β€œeasy” because that was all they knew. But now, witnessing from our present perspective and reality, that process was a really long and complicated one. The internet and web make our lives easier. No matter the day, time, holiday, season, or place we can use our electronic devices for pretty much everything. 

The internet and the web are tools I use on a daily basis. Sometimes I spend too much time on it. This is because I find really interesting topics, pictures, and profiles of other people that make me want to spend my whole day connected through my phone or my computer. I love being connected with others through a screen because no matter how close or how far we are from each other physically, the internet makes you feel like you are right beside that person. Not only the internet and web are great resources for connecting with others, but also to learn way too much about whichever topic comes to mind. 

Through the internet you can find jobs, internships, recipes, music, drawing, pictures, news, any type of information, you can go online shopping, and other interesting things. The internet and the web count with a platform that is called GoogleGoogle is the most popular platform that the web has which makes it the #1 resource that users count and benefit of. 

Another great thing about the internet and the web is that with it we can find addresses, maps, and contact information about a company or about someone. Also, we can pay bills, go online shopping (as I mentioned before), and visit our bank account through our cellphones or computers. In the internet and the web, you can sell and make money from your own house. Of course, this is something that not everyone knows how to manage, but those that do make a good business out of it. The internet and the web are so useful that we can even collaborate through it with others. By working from our homes, we can achieve more or the same amount of work we accomplish in the office. Remember that working from home gives you the opportunity to connect with associates near you or that are in the other side of the world. The internet and web do not stop there. Donating and raise funding can be done through a cellphone or a computer by just connecting to the internet. This is amazing information that every person should know and count on.

I have a blog in the web that is about photography. Photography is the act of capturing a very memorable moment. Through a picture we can say so much. Photography is a form of communication, no matter the race, color, sex, body type, or nationality. With a picture we can say more than what a thousand words can say. Photography is a form of relaxation for me and through my blog I want to pass the good vibes to other people that come and visit. I guarantee that your visit will be worth your while. With this I want to say that if it was not for the internet and the web, no one would be able to visit a website that can free their minds for even a couple of minutes. Those minutes you spend on my Sight Travel blog you will love.  

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