Crowdsourcing was a skill learned which helps a big group work on a document at the same time.

Nombre: Gabriela I.N. Hernández Figueroa

YouTube Channels: (Iluvsarahii is a makeup channel that you will learn a lot about beauty), (Tasty is a food channel that will have you want to be eating every single second), (Doctor Mike is a health channel that will help you understand better your body and the health problems that surround us)

Instagram profiles: (Fashion Nova has the best outfits for an everyday look or for a night out), (Amanda Antonella is an influencer that always spreads positive vibes and good thought to all her followers), (NBA posts everything that has to do with basketball games and basketball players)

Libros: (The Tipping Point helps your knowledge grow and you will understand better the psychological side of life), (La Carreta is about a group of puertorican “Jíbaros” that go to the United States in search of new opportunities), (The Five People You Meet In Heaven is a novel that explores the unexpected connections that we have in our lives and tells us that heaven is more than a place, is an answer)

Films o series: (Cable Girls is a series of a group of women that work as operators in a phone company), (Young & Hungry is a series about a well-off young tech entrepreneur that  hires a feisty young food blogger to be his personal chef), (The Vampire Diaries is a series about the lives, loves, dangers, and

Published by Gabriela Hernandez Figueroa

I am Gabriela Hernández Figueroa. A girl with vision and passion about what she does in a daily basis. I love food especially fruits and sushi. To win my heart and friendship you just have to be kind, humble, and a person with positive thoughts.

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